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Vincent Autier

Dr, Department of Fisheries, Mc Millen Jacobs Associates, Boise, USA

  • Review Article   
    Technical Fishway Limitations and Common Misconceptions
    Author(s): Vincent Autier* and JA Heindel

    Man-made barriers have resulted in a decline in migratory fish species populations by reducing the geographical range of migration, limiting access to necessary habitat including spawning grounds and nursery rearing areas, impacting species life cycles and ecosystems, ultimately resulting in an overall decrease in species biodiversity. Fishways generally allow fish to maintain, extend, or even re-establish migrations over both man-made and natural barriers. Fishways, used in both upstream and downstream lotic environments, are generally classified as either technical or nature-like and are designed to provide aquatic ecosystem sustainability and river connectivity worldwide. In the case of upstream technical fishways (i.e., fish ladder), when appropriately designed and situated, fish ladders allow upstream migrating fish to bypass river barriers to reach river segments suitable for gr.. View More»

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