Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids

Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids
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ISSN: 2375-4427

Vijay Raj Bollapalli

Composite Regional Centre (CRC) Davangere, Karnataka, India

  • Research Article   
    A Comparative Study on the Development of Language Skills among the Children using Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aids
    Author(s): Vijay Raj Bollapalli* and Shanti Prakash

    The purpose of this study was to document the performance of a group of children with moderately severe to severe hearing loss who use hearing aids on a range of language (speech-language, phonology and cognition) and to compare these results to children with severe to profound hearing loss, who have learned language through cochlear implants. This study involved 40 children with bilateral sensorineural hearing impairment, aged 6-18 years. Twenty children had moderately severe/severe hearing loss and used hearing aids, and 20 with severe to profound hearing loss and using cochlear implants. Communication and scholastic skills were assessed using speech recognition Tests and standardized measures of speech production, language, phonology, and cognition. In the present study, three variables: speech-language, phonology/literacy, and cognition were taken into consideration. This study su.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2375-4427.19.7.192

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