Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Shubham Hajare

Department of Marelli Private Limited, Gurugram, 122051, Haryana, India

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    Author(s): Shubham Hajare*

    A CAN-based integrated sensing system, which can auto control the car window’s opening/closing status by the integrated consideration of rain and toxic gases presence inside the vehicle’s cabin, is implemented in this work. The ability of this single system to decide the closing/opening of windows during both rainfall and the presence of a high amount of toxic gases, adds to the smarter automation and cost-effectiveness. Two STM microcontrollers (MCs) are used out of which, one works to sense the rainfall/existence of hazardous gases, and another works to control power windows based on the sensed information by the first MC. The data collected by the sensor MC is sent to the actuator MC through CAN bus protocol. The gas sensor used in this work is MQ9, which mainly measures carbon monoxide (CO) and other flammable gases. A resistive rain sensor is used to detect rainfall... View More»

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