Journal of Cancer Research and Immuno-Oncology

Journal of Cancer Research and Immuno-Oncology
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Shouhartha Choudhury

Department of Biotechnology, Assam University, India

  • Research Article   
    In Silico Analysis of the FOXP3 Transcription Factor Associated with T-Cell Oncogenesis
    Author(s): Shouhartha Choudhury*

    Background: The X chromosome encoded FOXP3 gene is a unique regulator of the T-cell differentiation and immunosuppressive function. The nuclear transcription factor FOXP3 gene regulates lineage-specific differentiation in the Treg crucially maintenance of the immune homeostasis. The regulatory T-cell (Treg or CD4+ cells) play a role in the immune response for self-antigens, allergens, and tumours. However, FOXP3 gene function is inconsistent in tumorigenesis such as tumour-suppressive and tumour-promoting. A recent report suggested the FOXP3 gene repress tumorigenesis per effects on proliferation and apoptosis. Objective: My objective was to investigate the FOXP3 gene from the FOX family in between Homo sapiens and Musmusculus. The study of the FOXP3 gene is currently mandatory to explore the molecular mech.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2684-1266.20.6.120

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