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    Most Effective Combination of Nutraceuticals Among Multivitamins, Zinc, Polyphenols, Omega Fatty Acids, and Probiotics for Improved Memory and Cognitive Performance in Acheta Domesticus
    Author(s): Samskruthi Madireddy

    Dietary intake of multivitamins, zinc, polyphenols, omega fatty acids, and probiotics have all shown benefits in learning, spatial memory, and cognitive function. It is important to determine the most effective combination of antioxidants and/or probiotics, because regular ingestion of all nutraceuticals may not be practical. This study examines various combinations of nutrients to determine which may best enhance spatial memory and cognitive performance. Based on the 31 possible combinations of multivitamins, zinc, polyphenols, omega-3 PUFAs, and probiotics, 128 house crickets (Acheta domesticus [L.]) were divided into one control group and 31 experimental groups with four house crickets in each group. Throughout 8 weeks, crickets were fed their respective nutrients, and an Alternation Test and Recognition Memory Tests were conducted every week using a Y-maze in order to test spatial.. View More»

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