International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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ISSN: 2329-9096

Rumi Tanemura

Department of Rehabilitation Science, Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hyogo, Japan

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    Effect of Fixation Feedback Using an Eye Mark Recorder on Unilateral Spatial Neglect: A Crossover Comparative Study
    Author(s): Shingo Hashimoto* and Rumi Tanemura

    Background: Interventions related to eye movement, such as optokinetic stimulus or tracking training are beneficial for patients with unilateral spatial neglect. This study aimed to investigate the influence of fixation feedback using visual and verbal cues on the neuropsychological status and self-awareness of patients with unilateral spatial neglect during searching tasks recorded with eye mark recorders. Methods and findings: This study included 20 inpatients with right hemisphere damage who presented with left unilateral spatial neglect. The patients were randomly divided into two groups for a comparative crossover study. Each intervention period comprised of occupation therapy with or without fixation feedback, which lasted for 5 days. Between interventions, a washout period was allotted for 2 days, which eliminated the effects of the i.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2329-9096.21.9.610

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