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Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry: Open Access
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Ra�??ed Malallah


  • Short Communication   
    Photopolymer Characterization for Optical Fabrication and Holographic Storage
    Author(s): Ra�??ed Malallah

    Photopolymers are extremely important materials in the creation of the next generation of optical and optoelectronic devices such as solar cells, integrated 3D optical circuits and data storage discs. Due to the demand for high density data storage, and with magnetic tapes reaching their limit, a new method of storing data is needed. Photopolymers are the material of choice for this market because of their self-processing properties and their low cost. In order to make these applications a reality an accurate model of how these materials behave during recording is needed. The aim of this project is to advance the understanding of the photopolymer material during and after holographic recording so as to better develop the models that are already in place to describe the process. The project gives emphasis to the diffusion rate effects of the photopolymerization process that occur throu.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2471-2698.20.5.152

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