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Olutayo Ariyo

Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphja, USA

  • Case Report   
    An Absent Subscapular Artery Co-Existing with Multiple Variants of the Brachial Plexus and Clinical Implications.
    Author(s): Olutayo Ariyo*

    Knowledge of neurovascular variants in the upper limb is important to neurologists in explaining unusual neurological presentations, to trauma surgeons in the selection of appropriate surgical interventions, and to neuroradiologists in the interpretation of images. Here we present the case of an absent subscapular artery coexisting with multiple variants of the brachial plexus nerves in the left limb of a 71-year-old female cadaver. The median nerve was formed from 3 roots, 2 contributed by the lateral cord and one from the medial cord. The thoracodorsal branch shared a common trunk of origin with the lateral thoracic artery, while the circumflex scapular arose directly from the axillary artery. The musculocutaneous nerve did not penetrate the coracobrachialis muscle, but coursed superior to the second lateral root, and about the proximal and middle third of the b.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2168-9296.2020.9.206

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