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Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases
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Mounisha Bollam

Department of Pharmacology, Telangana, India

  • Perspective Article   
    Hemolytic Anemia: Diagnosis and Substantial Treatment
    Author(s): Mounisha Bollam*

    Insusceptible Framework Hemolytic Fragility (AIHA) is definitely not a striking clinical issue and requires advanced, compelling immunopharmacological and holding support. Various AIHA patients have essential issue and likewise, it is officeholder upon the clinician to look at these patients in detail, as the fundamental condition can be of a veritable sort, for instance, lymphoproliferative disturbance or connective tissue issue. Notwithstanding progresses in holding prescription, clear immunopharmacological test, for instance, Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) really remains the illustrative indication of AIHA. The sensitive gel advancement has enabled the immunohematology not only to investigate serologically such patients, yet furthermore to portray red cell bound autoantibodies concerning their class, subclass and titer in a brisk and reworked way. Quick and dir.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2329-8790.20.8.313

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