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Meseret Bekele Gelaye

Assistant Professor at Adama University, Ethiopia

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    Author(s): Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

    Cultural relativism has generated considerable controversy since it has been in use but usually stresses that every culture is valid and equally worthy on its own terms. To this effect, this work encouragingly taken into account such idea of cultural relativism to enhance more to be used in the area of politics and social sphere, as an ideological backdrop in relation to diversity recognition and protection exist elsewhere. The recognition, respect, appreciation, protection and tolerance build of diversity and diverse identity is to mean the implementation of cultural relativism. In line with the recognition and protection of diversity and diverse identity in the area of governance and other related aspects has been related to natural rights or human rights and justice. With this regard, schools of thoughts are developed. Among such schools of thoughts, Sociorelativism, Politicorelati.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2332-0761.22.10.001

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