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Jenny Twyford

School of Business, University of Manchester, UK

  • Research Article   
    Impact of Marital Status on Customer-centric Measures in Ski Resorts Using the Importance-performance (IPMA) Framework
    Author(s): Matti Haverila*, Kai Haverila and Jenny Twyford

    Impact of marital status towards customer-centric measures in a Canadian ski resort is assessed. The perceptions of three marital groups were assessed using the importance-performance framework. The customer-centric measures included customer satisfaction overall repurchase intent, value for money, relationship quality and skiing service quality. Results indicate that for four of the five customer-centric measures, there were significant differences between the marital status groups. Overall, singles appeared to have the lowest perceptions of the customer-centric measures, whereas respondents living in partnership with children had the highest. The results of this research have implications for ski resort management as the three marital status groups appear to perceive the customer-centric measures quite differently between the respondents living in partnership with children and other.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0269.20.9.430

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