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Ibom LA

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    Bio-Computational Analysis of Growth Arrest and DNA-Damage-Inducible Protein 45 Alpha Gene of Cattle, Sheep and Goat
    Author(s): Ayuba Dauda*, Okon B and Ibom LA

    The GenBank database yielded a total of fifteen (15) Growth Arrest and DNA-Damage-Inducible protein 45 Alpha (GADD45A) gene nucleotide sequences from goats (5), sheep (5), and cattle (5). The non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphism of the GADD45A gene of amino acid substitution for cattle, goats, and sheep was checked using the PROVEAN tool. Particular amino acid replacements were found to be neutral/beneficial, while others were shown to be deleterious/harmful. Tajima’s test and phylogenetic association for cattle, goats, and sheep were performed using Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) 5.0. The Tajima’s test (D) yielded good results for all of the species, indicating purifying selection. Because livestock improvement is dependent on the knowledge of genotype and phenotype interaction, the phylogenetic co.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/0974-276X.21.14.556

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