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Hymad M

Department of Mathematics, University of Malaysia, Malaysia

  • Short Article   
    Short Communication on Sequences and Series
    Author(s): Hymad M*

    Although abundant of the arithmetic we’ve tried this course deals with pure mathematics and graphing, many mathematicians would say that generally arithmetic deals with patterns, whether or not they’re visual patterns or numerical patterns. For instance, exponential growth could be a growth pattern that's shared by populations; bank accounts etc, Sequences and Series manage numerical patterns. We’ll begin with what a sequence is. Sequences We’ve all stumble upon the plain English definition of a sequence. for instance, after you notice the DNA sequence of a mouse, it’s AN ordered list of DNA proteins. Similarly, in arithmetic, a sequence is AN ordered list of numbers following some pattern, for instance, 1,4,7,10,…. In this sequence, the pattern is that I started with a one, and add three to induce consequent term (the name for the elements of .. Read More»

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