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Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry: Open Access
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Hiral Dave

Department of pharmaceutics, Rofel, Shri G.M .bilakhia college of pharmacy, Valsad, Gujarat, India

  • Review Article   
    Review article on Immunomodulatory Activity of the Ayurvedic Formulation
    Author(s): Yamini patel* and Hiral Dave

    An immunomodulator can be defined as a substance, which can influence any constituent or function of the immune system in a specific or nonspecific manner including both innate and adaptive arms of the immune response. Immunomodulatory activity was evaluated for Ayurvedic herbal formulation. Immuno modulation is the alteration of immune response which may increase or decrease the immune responsiveness. The present review summarizes marine and some of Indian medicinal plants with immunomodulation action and also to provide insights into the future research in this area... Read More»

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