Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters
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Henry Farad

Department of Biology and Sciences, JP University, Bangladesh

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    Author(s): Henry Farad*

    Pollution prevention means eliminating or reducing the amount and toxicity of potentially harmful substances at their sources, prior to generation, treatment, off-site recycling or disposal. It emphasizes preventing or minimizing pollution, rather than controlling it once it is generated. Pollution prevention has expanded as new challenges have come into focus - addressing climate change, combating sprawl, and promoting the use of green building techniques and renewable energy. The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) continue to employ prevention as a way to make Connecticut’s environment cleaner and greener as we deal with these challenges. It makes a lot of sense! For years, environmental protection has focused on pollution control-cleaning up the pollution after it occurred rather than on prevention. The control approach has serious drawbacks, includin.. View More»

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