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Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
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Halkuzieva Mokhira Asatullaevna

Department of Plant Biology, Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute, Jizzakh, Uzbekistan

  • Short Communication   
    Ferula foetida and Ferula tadshikorum Juvenile Stage
    Author(s): Halkuzieva Mokhira Asatullaevna*

    Ferula foetida and Ferula tadshikorum are perennial monocarpic plants whose resin reserves are declining sharply as a result of unplanned, ruthless use. They bloom once every 7-25 years and end their lives. The ontogenesis of the major life cycle of Ferula tadshikorum and F. foetida is divided into 3, young periods: Embryonic (se-seeds), virginil (r-grass, j-juvenile, im-immature, v-virginil), manifested in generative periods, this only the juvenile phase is given in the article. For 2015-2020 in Arnasay district of Jizzakh region in plantations in dry lands in the juvenile phase 2-3-4-5-6 years F. tadshikorum and F. foetida were observed and biomorphological features of the leaves and roots of the link differed from each other and pictures of 2 to 6 years were given... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2469-9837.22.10.286

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