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Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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Faheem Ahmed Sheikh

Department of Pharmacy, Dow University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

  • Review Article   
    Drug-Drug Interactions between Antihypertensive and Antidiabetics Drugs in Ambulatory Patients
    Author(s): Faheem Ahmed Sheikh*

    Drugs are utilized in the prophylaxis and treatment for symptoms and diseases although Drug-Drug interactions are of the main issue in multidrug therapy. Beta-blockers and other hypertensive drugs are frequently used in the treatment of blood pressure in diabetic patients. Literature revealed that probably of retinopathy, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions are high in diabetic hypertension patients, which may root to morbidity and mortality. Consequently, our aim is to check interactions between antihypertensive and antidiabetic drugs and to manage, minimize and control these interactions. The method of study in this article included are cross sectional descriptive study, cohort study, using propensity score matched sample, retrospective study and prospective observational study. Suspected results of these methodologies or studies are enhancin.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/1920-4159.21.13.317

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