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Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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Dakashi Fimura

Department of Yoga, Institute of Yoga & Health Studies, Japan

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    Intervention Effectiveness in Persons with Non-specific Low Back Pain
    Author(s): Dakashi Fimura*

    Low back discomfort is a relatively common occurrence. The majority of people experience low back discomfort at least once in their lives. Although back pain is rarely a significant medical concern and usually goes away on its own, it can be aggravating when it interferes with regular activities. A person's likelihood of experiencing low back pain appears to be increased by several circumstances. Smoking, obesity, advanced age, female sex, physically demanding or sedentary employment, job-related stress, job discontent, and mental health concerns like anxiety or depression are among them. Low back pain (LBP) that isn't specific is the largest cause of disability worldwide. The prognosis for acute LBP is usually favourable, with rapid recovery within the first six weeks. The majority of patients, however, acquire persistent LBP and experience recurrences. There are already a va.. View More»

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