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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Cosmas Anayochukwu Nwankwo

Department of Medical Biochemist, Head of Research and Development Unit, Pure Heart and Body Medical Services, Owerri, Nigeria

  • Case Report   
    Haemopericardium with Cardiac Tamponade in a Nigerian Man Residing in Owerri: A Case Report
    Author(s): Okechukwu Francis Nwako*, Kelechi E. Okonta, Azubuike Benjamin Nwako and Cosmas Anayochukwu Nwankwo

    Cardiac tamponade is a cardiac emergency requiring prompt diagnosis using adequate clinical history and bedside echocardiography. Immediate relief of theintrapericardial tension by pericardiocentesisis life saving and reduces mortality. This case demonstrates the echocardiographic findings of cardiac tamponade pre (large pericardial effusion, swinging heart, collapse of right atrium and ventricle) and immediate post pericardiostomy in a 44-year old Nigerian man who presented with sudden onset breathlessness, easy fatiguability, abdominal swelling and beck’s triad (jugular venous distention, hypotension, and muffled heart sounds). About 2000 mls of haemorrhagic fluid was drained following which there was spontaneous resolution of his vital signs and normalization of the echocardiographic findings. Further evaluation of the patient could not demonstrate the aetiology of the haemop.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2155-9880.22.13.710

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