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Brein Paulo

Department of Physiotherapy, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Clinical Practices for Rehabilitation Nutrition in Cerebrovascular Disease
    Author(s): Brein Paulo*

    Stroke is regularly along with difficulty swallowing and other factors connected with decreased related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food intake. Difficulty swallowing with breathing wishing dangerous lung disease and not enough related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food intake lead to worse result after stroke. This guideline is the first chapter of the guideline "Medicine-based Nutrition in nerve-related medical care" of the German community of people in the world for Medicine-based Nutrition which itself is one part of a complete and thorough guideline about all areas of Medicine-based Nutrition. The thirty-one recommendations of the guideline are based on a well-thought-out bookrelated search and review. All recommendations were discussed and gave permission at more than two, but not a lot of agreement meetings to discuss things together with the whole DGEM guideline .. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2157-7595.21.s6.005

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