Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556

Aijse de Vries

Sustainable Productivity and Employability, Healthy Living, TNO, Leiden, Netherlands

  • Research Article   
    The Effect of Arm Support Exoskeletons in Realistic Work Activities: A Review Study
    Author(s): Aijse de Vries* and Michiel de Looze

    The use of arm-support exoskeletons could be a strategy to unload the shoulder in elevated arm work. In this paper the effects of these type of exoskeletons on objective parameters of shoulder load, subjective measures and performance measures were reviewed. The review resulted in eleven papers addressing ten arm-support exoskeletons. Seven of these exoskeletons were passive (spring-based) exoskeletons, one was an active exoskeleton mounted to the wall and two exoskeletons were equipped with a supernumerary limb (snl) attached to the waist. For the exoskeletons with a snl, the concept of transferring loads from the shoulder to the waist did not result in the expected reductions in shoulder muscle activity. The passive exoskeletons did show reduced levels of activity in the agonistic muscles (those involved in arm elevation), ranging from 16% to 130%, both in quasi-static tasks like ov.. Read More»

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