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Abd-Elaal AM

Department of Andrology and Medicine, University of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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    The Role of Penile Venoligation with Tunical Plication in Surgical Correction of Erectile Dysfunction Due to Pure Corporovenous Leakage
    Author(s): Hamed AH, Elkhiat Y*, Abd-Elaal AM and Fawzi M

    Purpose: To evaluate the possible role of surgical correction of corporovenous dysfunction as an alternative minimally invasive surgery to penile prosthesis in a selected group of patients with pure corporovenous dysfunction Methods: We selected young patients not responding to intracorporal injection and had pure corporovenous dysfunction after exclusion of arterial element by penile duplex. Diagnosis of venogenic element was confirmed by cavernosometry and cavernosography. We performed degloving of the penis, opening of Buck’s fascia, stripping of deep dorsal vein, resection of circumflex veins, then plication of tunica albuginea on both sides of corpora cavernosa aiming at making it tighter for more functioning occlusion mechanism. Patients were subjected to the validated Arabic version of the International Index of.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0250.21.10.223

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