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Yukihiro Hara

Yukihiro Hara
Nippon Medical School, Chiba Hokusoh Hospital, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, 1715 Kamakari, Inzai-city, Chiba Prefecture,

  • Review Article
    Rehabilitation with Functional Electrical Stimulation in Stroke Patients
    Author(s): Yukihiro HaraYukihiro Hara

    In recent years, our understanding of motor learning, neuroplasticity and functional recovery after the occurrence of brain lesion has grown significantly. New findings in basic neuroscience have provided an impetus for research in motor rehabilitation. Several prospective studies have shown that repeated motor practice and motor activity in a real world environment have a favorable effect on motor recovery in stroke patients. Electrical stimulation can be applied in a variety of ways to the hemiparetic upper extremity following a stroke. In particular, electromyography (EMG)- triggered electrical muscle stimulation improves the motor function of the hemiparetic arm and hand. Triggered electrical stimulation is reported to be more effective than non-triggered electrical stimulation in facilitating upper extremity motor recovery after stroke. EMG-controlled functional .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9096.1000147

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