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Yu Cheng Kuo

Yu Cheng Kuo
School of Medicine, College of Medicine,
People’s Republic of China

  • Mini Review
    Meridian and Evolution of Circulation System
    Author(s): Yu Cheng Kuo and Shih Hsuan LiangYu Cheng Kuo and Shih Hsuan Liang

    Larger body size is a major trend in animal evolution. To achieve further 3dimensional increases in size, it is necessary to employ internal transport and exchange systems (i.e. circulatory systems) to provide bulk flow delivery of substances. Previously, we discuss the meridian and water transportation in living organism and emphasis the meridian provides important function for fluid circulation. Meridian increases the efficiency also solves the circulation problem. The most important evolution of transportation in living organism is the circulation system, as known as from open system for insects and to close for mammal, one internal circulatory systems for aquatic animal and to two for land animals, irregular contraction of myoepithelial cells to periodic pulsatile heartbeat, vessel spaces are lined only by matrix to a secondary cell lining, termed endothelium in Vertebrates, witho.. Read More»

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