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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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William Nahm

William Nahm
Department of Family Medicine, Motion Medical Group, Murrieta,

  • Case Report
    Effectiveness of Electron Modulation Procedure in Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy
    Author(s): William Nahm and Jerry HizonWilliam Nahm and Jerry Hizon

    Achilles tendinopathies are challenging to treat due to the presence of chronic inflammation and poor vascularization. Cases of acute and chronic Achilles tendinopathies experience some form of a chronic inflammatory profile. As a result, therapies that target and reduce inflammation are beneficial in both cases. The cellular basis for inflammation lies in the improper function of ion channels within cell membranes, resulting in altered cation flow and cell function. To reduce ion channelopathy, an Electron Modulation Device (EMD) has been developed that delivers multi-channelled vectored and triangulated electron energy to affected areas. EMD therapy can reduce the free radical formation and correct molecular isometric structure, thus improving cell membrane and ion channel function. This reversal in ion channelopathy can lead to a decrease in chronic inflammation and pain. The benef.. View More»

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