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Timi Ecimovic

Timi Ecimovic
WPF University,
World Philisophical Forum office, 16, Ivis. Athanasiadou Str., Palio Faliro GR, Athens

  • Review Article
    The Climate Change System Introduction
    Author(s): Timi EcimovicTimi Ecimovic

    The climate change system is one of the planet Earth internal systems. Interdependence, interaction, and cooperation of all systems within the planet Earth are making the planet Earth existence as reality. The planet Earth as requisitely holistic unit of the Nature – Universe, is one of countless planets, and one of planets within the Milky Way Galaxy System, which is one requisitely holistic unit among countless galaxies of the Nature - Universe. The climate change system is maker, provider, holder and guardian of the living conditions within the Biosphere of the planet Earth. With ceaseless interdependence, interaction and co-operation of all internal and external systems of the Earth is making present possible and observable as it is. Research and scientific observation of the Nature from requisitely holistic systemic viewpoint are opening new horizons for better tomorrow of .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6755.1000150

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