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Tahir AA

Tahir AA


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    Serum CA 125 is a Biomarker of Tuberculous Peritonitis and its Inflammatory Severity in Female Patients
    Author(s): Khan A, Haider I, Ayub M and Tahir AAKhan A, Haider I, Ayub M and Tahir AA

    Background: The tumor marker CA 125 is commonly used in the screening and diagnosis of ovarian malignancy. However, recent studies have proven a limited role for CA 125 as a diagnostic marker for ovarian cancer. Moreover, it is often elevated in non-cancerous and inflammatory conditions as well. Aims: To evaluate the utility of CA 125 in the workup of intestinal tuberculosis/ tuberculous peritonitis in female patients. Methods: In this observational study, patients with ascites were divided into two groups; tuberculous (group A), and non-tuberculous (group B). Each group had serum CA 125 measured and compared using independent sample t-test. CA 125 was correlated with ESR by using Pearson’s correlation test. Results: CA 125 was higher in patients with tuberculous peritonitis. (N=20, M=117.75, SD=35.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0420.1000345

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