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Subhasis Sen

Subhasis Sen
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,
Hemantika, Patuli, Kolkata-700094

  • Research Article
    Earth Science Revisited: Expansion-Based Hypothesis for Explaining Global Phenomena
    Author(s): Subhasis SenSubhasis Sen

    Basic tenets of plate tectonics, like, plunging of a solid plate within solid mantle and the incidence of convection in it causing plate motion are doubtful as scientific explanations. With the help of an expansion-based model of the Earth, which was devoid of oceans, it has been conceived that initially the Earth’s mantle was adequately fluid and suitable for expansion owing to association of ocean-forming water. Matching thickness of outer core and extent of expansion reveals that due to expansion-caused by extra-terrestrial gravitational attraction-a void zone, termed outer core was developed between the mantle and the solid iron core. Presence of such a zone in the planet’s deep interior would give rise to an additional force of reversely directed gravity in the inner core region where, in consequence, temperature and pressure would be considerably low. Hence, it can b.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000227

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