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Soliman HE

Soliman HE


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    Permo-Triassic Qiseib Formation, Western Side of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt: A Link of Fluvial Facies with Sequence Stratigraphy
    Author(s): Wanas HA and Soliman HEWanas HA and Soliman HE

    Facies analysis of the studied Permo-Triassic Qiseib Formation indicates the presence of five lithofacies. These lithofacies are: matrix-supported conglomerates facies (facies A), coarse-to medium-grained sandstone facies (facies B), heterolithic facies (interbedded sandstone and siltstone) (facies C), interbedded siltstone and claystone facies (facies D), and mixed clastic-carbonate facies (facies E). These facies were deposited in two fluvial environments: low sinuosity braided and high sinuosity meandering. The braided stream deposits dominate the southern portion of the studied area, whereas the meandering stream deposits prevailed in the northern portion. The fine-grained meandering stream deposits grade laterally to the northern part of the study area into tidally-influenced fine-grained meandering strata (estuarine mud). In terms of its sequence stratigraphy, the Qise.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000333

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