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Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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Shikha Baghel Chauhan

Shikha Baghel Chauhan
Amity Institute of Pharmacy,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Review Article
    Penetration Enhancement Techniques
    Author(s): Shikha Baghel ChauhanShikha Baghel Chauhan

    Penetration Enhancers have vast potential and if utilized thoroughly, can be beneficial route in the drug delivery. Penetration Enhancers facilitates the drug delivery in various ways. They are therefore also referred as sorption enhancers or accelerants. This review focusses on the various enhancement techniques which are widely used to increase the bioavailability of the drugs. This review explores the various penetration enhancers with their mechanism of action and their roles in enhancement techniques. One of the reasons why the Transdermal drug delivery has not been successful compared to other delivery system, is the impervious nature of the versatile skin. It has been reported that individual penetration enhancer are not able to bring that effect which is achieved by the combination of penetration enhancer or mixture of penetration enhancer. Differe.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.21065/1920-4159.1000235

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