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Sheikhah Arafat A

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    Experimental Study on Treatment of Produced Water
    Author(s): Khalid M Mousa and Sheikhah Arafat AKhalid M Mousa and Sheikhah Arafat A

    The oil drilling operations create large quantities of contaminated water known as ?Produced Water?. The present study aims to treatment of produced water of the North Rumaila and Zubair oil fields (Iraq), using stainless steel autoclave. A series of experiments were carried out, firstly pretreatment to remove solid particles using sedimentation with and without flocculation, secondly study the effect of pH, pressure, temperature, salinity, operation time, outlet time and RPM. The ranges of salinity, pH, pressure and temperature were selected according to the PW conditions which out from dehydrator and desalter as follow: 80000 ppm, 6,3 bar and 60�C respectively, finally sorbents (polypropylene, polyethylene, used plastic and sawdust) were used. The results showed a great improvement in the oil recovery percent (all the oil was recovered) when using sorbents... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000261

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