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Shannon C. Mauszycki

Shannon C. Mauszycki
Aphasia/Apraxia Research Lab,
151-A, Building 2, 500 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84148

  • Research Article
    A Sub-Acute Case of Resolving Acquired Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia
    Author(s): Shannon C. Mauszycki, Sandra Wright and Julie L. WambaughShannon C. Mauszycki, Sandra Wright and Julie L. Wambaugh

    Apraxia of speech (AOS) is a neurogenic, motor speech disorder that disrupts the planning for speech production. However, there are only a few reports that have described the evolution of stroke-induced AOS symptoms in the acute or sub-acute phase of recovery. The purpose of this report was to provide a data-based description of an individual with sub-acute AOS and aphasia followed from 1 month post-onset a stroke to eight 8 months post-stroke. Six data collection sessions were conducted at periodic intervals using narrative and procedural discourse tasks and a series of speech and language analyses were completed. The language analyses involved measures of language content and efficiency. The speech production analyses examined the percentage and frequency of errors as well as determining the dominant types of errors produced within and across data collection sessions. For this indiv.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9096.1000188

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