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Sagar Soman

Sagar Soman

Halifax, NS

  • Research Article
    Design and Simulation of a Linear Prolate Filter for a Baseband Receiver
    Author(s): Sagar Soman and Michael CadaSagar Soman and Michael Cada

    Digital signals transmitted over a communication channel are mostly affected by noise. To reduce the detrimental effects of noise, a band-limited filter is used at the receiver, which results a phenomenon known as Inter-Symbol Interference. To avoid Inter-Symbol Interference, filters with greater bandwidth can be used. However, this causes high frequency noise to interfere with the transmitted information signal. This paper illustrates an innovative way to reduce Inter-Symbol Interference in the received baseband signal. This is achieved by making use of the processing bandwidth of a special filter designed by using Linear Prolate Functions. The result of the signal reconstruction capabilities of a prolate filter are compared with those of an ideal low pass filter in this paper... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000197

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