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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Sadik Hameed

Sadik Hameed
College of Science, Wasite University,
Kut, Wasit

  • Research Article
    Effect of the Pre-treatment on the Performance of MBR, Al-Kut WWTP, Wasit Governorate
    Author(s): Sadik HameedSadik Hameed

    Pilot scale experiments were carried out to examine the effect of the pre-treatment methods on the performance of MBR. The TITAN MBRTM module was used in this study. In order to investigate the effect of pre-treatment on the behavior of membrane, samples were collecting at different locations in Al-Kut WWTP, Wasite. The first samples group has been collected directly from the main source as raw sewage to determine its main characteristics of wastewater. The second group samples have been collected from outlet of Al-Kut WWTP (conventional treatment) and the third group and fourth group samples have collected from outlet of pretreatment of MBR system and finally treated wastewater from MBR system. The study showed that the membrane bio-reactor filters out nearly all solids, the pre-treatment has a positive effect on the MBR performance, and the pre-sedimentation is more effective than f.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000320

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