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Ronald Hutjis

Ronald Hutjis


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    Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in South Omo Zone, Ethiopia
    Author(s): Enyew BD and Ronald HutjisEnyew BD and Ronald Hutjis

    In Ethiopia rain-fed agriculture that is highly sensitive climate change and variability, accounts for much of the country’s GDP. This study covered two parts-the first part assesses the impact of climate change on biophysical parameters such as temperature and precipitation in South Omo zone and the second part portrays an over view of adaptation mechanisms to climate change the region. A Statistical downscaling model was developed and validated using large-scale predictor variables derived from the National Centre for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) reanalysis data and observed station data that was achieved in order to establish a statistical relationship between large-scale NCEP reanalysis predictor variables and locally observed meteorological variables. The relationship obtained was then used to generate the possible future scenarios of meteorological variables such as tem.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000208

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