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  • Review Article
    Musculoskeletal Injuries in Dance: A Systematic Review
    Author(s): Allen N, Ribbans WJ, Nevill AM and Wyon MAAllen N, Ribbans WJ, Nevill AM and Wyon MA

    Background: Within sport, mitigation of risk of injury through the use of comprehensive specialist sports medicine provision is commonplace. Dance participation, through its athletic nature can also introduce risk of injury, but unlike sport, is not always recognised that specialist medicinal provision will assist in the mitigation of that risk. Objectives: This systematic review has two objectives: to examine the extent of injury in dance participation; and the impact that specialist dance medicine provision has on overall dance injury incidence. Data sources: The review was undertaken using the Medline electronic databases using MeSH terms relating to the framing question. Study Eligibility Criteria and Participants: The study was based on ballet or any forms of artistic dance that had as its focus musculoskeletal injuries, or screening for injury pre.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9096.1000252

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