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Raymond A Aborigo

Raymond A Aborigo

Raymond A Aborigo Navrongo Health Research Centre, Ghana

Raymond Akawire Aborigo is a public health specialist and a senior researcher at the Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC) in Ghana. Raymond has served as the Institutional Review Board administrator of the NHRC and plays a critical role in the Centre's community engagement initiatives in the Kassena-Nankana District. He has recently been given the additional role to coordinate research training programs to be hosted by the NHRC. For the past 13 years, Raymond has been involved in varied research endeavours in the broad areas of malaria, research ethics and maternal and neonatal health. His research focuses on monitoring and auditing maternal and neonatal morbidities and mortalities in resource-poor settings. Raymond has just completed his PhD studies which aimed at contextualising maternal morbidities and mortalities through maternal health audits. The study also tested a tool for monitoring severe maternal morbidities within the community with a huge potential to be replicated for severe child morbidities. Raymond has interest in verbal autopsy methodology and has published in the area. He serves on the World Health Organisation working group for social autopsy research and is currently part of a USAID funded research collaboration between the Navrongo Health Research Centre and the University of Michigan that aims to use social autopsy, socio-cultural audits and Geographical Information Systems to understand the socio-cultural factors that contribute to maternal and neonatal mortality in four districts in Ghana. Beyond maternal and neonatal health research, Raymond is part of an initiative to collaborate with interested institutions and individuals to attract funding for research in the areas of research ethics, community health and non-communicable diseases especially those related to alcohol and drug use.
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