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Raju Dhakal

Raju Dhakal



Raju Dhakal in 2009, had just begun practising at SIRC, and was also working two other jobs – teaching anatomy and covering night call in a local emergency department.He attended two Asian Spinal Cord Network (ASCON) conferences (one in combination with the annual meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), visited the Indian Spinal Injury Centre twice and in early 2011 won an observership position at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Ireland.He began his
residency training in March of 2012 at  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Bangladesh.
He has done consistently well on examinations, and maintains great enthusiasm for his studies.

Research Interest

My Research Interests : ï»¿Rehabilitation Technology,Gallbladder Disease,Vascular Disease,CLINICAL PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION,CLINICAL PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION,Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation,Advances in Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment,Disease Susceptibility,Pulmonary vasculitis,Lung Cancer Facts,Lung Diseases,Lung,Lung Cancer Treatment,Lung Cancer,Symptoms of Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer Stages,Stage 4 Lung Cancer,Signs of Lung Cancer,Small Cell Lung Cancer,Types of Lung Cancer,Lung Cancer Survival Rate

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