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Oyeka CA

Oyeka CA


  • Research Article
    Ringworm Infections in Anambra State of Nigeria: Epidemiologic Features and Antifungal Potentials of Local Plant Remedies
    Author(s): Emele FE and Oyeka CAEmele FE and Oyeka CA

    Ringworm infection remains an important public health problem in Nigeria, as in other parts of the world where poor living conditions prevail. The epidemiologic pattern of the disease has not been well defined in Anambra State of Nigeria, hence the need for this study. A total of 51,092 individuals (48,084 children and 3,008 adults) were surveyed for ringworm lesions. The population constituted of primary school children and their contacts. Results showed that of the 51,092 individuals, 5,127 (or 10.04%) had ringworm lesions on their body. Scalp ringworm was more common in children than adults (X2=9.8482; P<0.05). Younger children were more frequently affected than older children, who, in turn, were more affected than adults. Although scalp infection was significantly more common in children, ringworm of other body parts did not show significant age (X2=0.0297; P>0.05) or gender.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0951.1000146

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