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Onuba LN

Onuba LN


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    Comparison of Magnetic Basement Depth Values from Spectral Technique, SPITH and Slope Techniques using HRAM
    Author(s): Nwosu OB, Umego MN and Onuba LNNwosu OB, Umego MN and Onuba LN

    The quantitative results obtained from the use of spectral analysis technique, Source parameter Imaging technique and empirical depth rule method (maximum and half slope techniques) in interpreting High Resolution AeroMagnetic of middle Benue trough data have been presented and compared. Before employing each technique, the regional residual seperation was done with least square method using polifit program to get the residual data for onward processing. The slope technique usually require that the residual values be contoured into map and then profiled along the most prominent anomaly to obtain the depth curves from where depth to magnetic sources could be calculated. The Spectral requires that the residual values be sub-divided into spectral blocks and radial energy spectrum be generated from where depth would be calculated from the slopes of the straight line plots. The SPI require.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000232

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