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Ntwampe OI

Ntwampe OI

South Africa

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    Determination of the Efficiencies of Clay and PFCL or PACL with Na2CO3 Flocculent in the Removal of TSS from the AMD
    Author(s): Ntwampe OI and Moothi KNtwampe OI and Moothi K

    The experiment was conducted on the acid mine drainage (AMD) that was sampled from the Krugersdorp decant in South Africa. Five 500 ml glass beakers were filled with 200 ml of AMD sample and dosed with synthetic flocculent of FeCl3 and Na2 CO3 (PFCl) and treated in jar test (exp. A). pH, conductivity, total suspended solids (TSS), dissolved oxygen (DO) and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) were measured after treatment and an hour settling. Another identical set of experiments was carried out with a combination of clay and PFCl dosage (exp. B). A third similar set of experiments was conducted with dosages of a combination of clay with PFCl or clay with AlCl3 and Na2 CO3 (PACl) including another set of experiments using five 500 ml Erlenmeyer flasks in a shaker (exp. C). The pH results of the samples dosed with PFCl are relatively lower than that of the samples with a combination of .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000383

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