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Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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Muhammad Bilal Sabir

Muhammad Bilal Sabir
Quaid-e-Azam University,

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    Role of WHO: Government and Pharmacist in Promoting Rational Drug Use
    Author(s): Muhammad Bilal SabirMuhammad Bilal Sabir

    Prescriptions have an essential influence of medicinal services conveyance. Notwithstanding, they are costly products and record for a critical extent of general wellbeing use in many nations. Nonsensical utilization of meds is a noteworthy test confronting numerous wellbeing frameworks over the world. Such malpractices create an improper use of the medicines that lead towards the misuse of the drugs. The rational use of medicine is important in such a way that it helps in achieving the optimize health goals. This article also includes the role of pharmacist, WHO and government in order to promote the rational prescribing and help save the society from the drawbacks of the irrational use of medicines... Read More»

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