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Monia Aloui Monia Aloui

Monia Aloui Monia Aloui

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Monia Aloui Faculty of Sciences of Sfax surface mining, blasting technique may be considered as the most economical method used for fragmenting rocks masses. Nonetheless, only 20-30% of the used energy is served for rocks fragmenting and displacing, while the rest is wasted in the form of ground vibration, air blast, noise and fly-rocks Both ground vibration and air blast are matter of great concern as they would result in damage to the existing surface structures and nuisances to the inhabitants in the vicinity of mines, which are exceedingly approaching near populated areas. In order to analyze the vibration-related problems, the combined effect of several factors such as site characteristics, propagation of surface, the body waves in the ground, and response of structures should be taken into consideration. The best approach for estimating the charge weight, that at given distance produces vibrations below the limit of safety, is using instrumentation on blasts to determine the constants of the actual blasting conditions. Furthermore, the effective control of problems related to vibration requires the development of a reliable vibration monitoring system and an assessment of attenuation characteristics of different vibrations
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