International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Michiel Jannink

Michiel Jannink

Assitant Professor

Michiel Jannink worked part-time at the University of Twente – Laboratory of Biomechanical Engineering. My research is focused on the restoration of lost motor function in people with physical disabilities, mainly due to neurological disorders and amputations. Our main focus is on treatment of movement disorders in people with stroke and spinal cord injury. Both, impaired upper extremity and lower extremity function is addressed. Biomechatronics research themes can be sub-divided into technology that is used to train the impaired subject (e.g. robot training , virtual reality and electrical stimulation therapy), to modify neuro-physiological processes to reinforce lost-function (e.g. neuromodulation, neurophysiology, biomechanics), and technology that is used to actually restore function using aids (prostheses and neural prostheses). The focus is to perform basic research in these three directions, to participate in actual developments for clinical use, and to implement and transfer these technologies to the clinical setting.
Research Interest

Rehabilitation, medical imaging, clinical research,healthcare, humna movement science

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