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Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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Manly Sani

Manly Sani
Ahmadu Beloo University Zaria,

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    Quantum physics and mathematical aided Proof of theory 1 of Boy'o Universal Theory of Therapy (BUTT)
    Author(s): Manly SaniManly Sani

    The finding determines the dependence of body processes on STP and MCT, six processes which occur in the isolated rabbit ileum were used to prove the statement of the theory 1 of BUTT, mainly effects of extract and Autonomic drugs on isolated rabbit ileum together with novel mathematical principles were used to show that seven normal processes (motility, secretion, metabolism, circulation, immunoreactivity, absorption, digestion) of the isolated rabbit ileum are directly proportional to activated STP and MCT and inversely proportional to inactivated STP and MCT. Acknowledge that from the above relation, STP responses Rs was used base on the assumption that all body processes are responses of STP and MCT, in other words, body processes are manifestation of STP response, thus First and foremost, I posit that any number of response (Rsn) or magnitude of respons.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9784.S1-005

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