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Maja Colovic Daul

Maja Colovic Daul

Maja Colovic Daul International University Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

ears in environmental consultancy field made me experienced environmental and waste management expert. Additionally, my educational background in air pollution offered great potential for researches, emissions modelling and demanding environmental projects. My main focus was air pollution, emission calculations and predictions, lidar measurements and air mass trajectories. In last 10 years I’ve significantly widened field of work and gained imposing experience in the field of Environmental Protection and Waste Management. My professional experience in waste is directed towards in-depth sector analysis, MSW policy, strategy, planning and implementation monitoring, development of strategic documents regarding waste management, hazardous waste management, specific waste management, MSW master plans and strategies at regional and local levels, etc. As an Environmental expert I’m mainly focusing on environmental and partially social issues within ESDD, ESMF, E(S)IA, ESAP, RPF, SEP mainly prepared in accordance with WB, EBRD, EIB requirements, as well as stakeholder participation and capacity building. I’ve participated in development of by-laws and secondary legislation thanks to the fact that Im exceptionally acquainted with existing EU and BiH legislation. Thanks to my education and experience Ive become the National focal point for noise in 2011 and since 2012 Member of the Editorial Board (Waste Sector) of the Emission Factor Database (EFDB). Clients with who I’ve worked are numerous national clients (at levels of entities, canton and municipalities), as well as with European Commission, WB, SIDA, UN organizations and EBRD.
Research Interest

Research work at the high energy experiment for the research of the proton structure, H1, at DESY Institute in Berlin and Hamburg. Participated in testing of the silicon detectors during the shutdown of the H1 experiment.

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