Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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Mahmood S.

Mahmood S.

Lahore General Hospital, Pakistan

 Khalid Mahmood is working as a Professor of Neurosurgery in Postgraduate  Medical  Institute / Ameer-ud- din  Medical  College  and  Lahore General Hospital Lahore in Public Sector. He is the pioneer Neurosurgeon of Pakistan for using the cutting edge technology (MRI,Leksell G Frame,Surgiplan,microdrive for VIM thalamotomy,Gpi pallidotomy and DBS) for surgery of parkinsonian tremors,rigidity and dystonias in Pakistan. His other interests are endoscopic brain and skull base surgery, surgery for aneurysms and AVM, epilepsy surgery and complex spinal work. He has more than 30 papers published in national and International Journals.
Research Interest

 Neuroanatomy, Healthcare and Medicines, Treatment, Health, Safety and Allied Sciences, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Linguistics.

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