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Liu Z

Liu Z


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    Leaching of Vanadium and Chromium from Residue
    Author(s): Peng H, Liu Z and Changyuan TaoPeng H, Liu Z and Changyuan Tao

    A residue containing 18.80 wt% Cr and 3.11 wt% V was obtained from a wastewater treatment plant. Experiments on vanadium and chromium leaching from the residue were carried out by H2SO4, NaOH and H2O2. It was found that acidic leaching had high leaching efficiency but it was hard to filtrate, while alkaline leaching offered high selectivity for vanadium. The leaching efficiency of vanadium could increase from 62.64% up to 78.69% in the concentrated NaOH solution enhanced by electric field. And also under the specified condition, the leaching efficiency of vanadium and chromium was up to 97.77% and 95.14%, respectively, during the leaching process oxidized with H2O2 and electric field. .. Read More»

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