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Kohn D

Kohn D


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    Feasibility Study for Geophysical Monitoring Renewable Gas Energy Compressed in Pore Storages
    Author(s): Hagrey SA, Kohn D, Wiegers CE, Schafer D and Rabbel WHagrey SA, Kohn D, Wiegers CE, Schafer D and Rabbel W

    Most renewable energy sources are intermittent and need buffer storage (e.g., compressed air energy storage, CAES) to bridge the time-gap between power supply and demand peaks. Replacing pore brine with CAES causes changes in electro-elastic properties and density, and justifies applications of multi-geophysical approach. In this numerical study we apply techniques of the elastic full waveform inversion (FWI), electric resistivity tomography (ERT), transient electromagnetic induction (TEM) and gravity to detect and monitor CAES in deep reservoirs and possible leakages in shallow groundwater aquifers of North Germany. For different subsurface model scenarios of CAES reservoirs and leakages, synthetic data sets are generated and inverted using constraints on the initial model. Results reveal principally the capability of our applied approach to resolve the CAES plume in deep saline rese.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6755.1000169

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