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Kim H Esbensen

Kim H Esbensen


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    Representative Sampling of Suspended Particulate Materials in Horizontal Ducted Flow: Evaluating the Prototype ‘EFsampler’
    Author(s): Claas Wagner and Kim H EsbensenClaas Wagner and Kim H Esbensen

    The ‘EF-sampler’ is a newly developed sampler for suspended particulate materials in horizontal pneumatic conveying systems, designed for maximum possible compliance with the Theory of Sampling (TOS). Hitherto no sampler for this deployment location exists on the market that ensures representative samples as defined by TOS. Because of confinement of the pressurised ducted flow and because of gravitative and flow segregation, unbiased sampling constitutes a serious challenge. In addition to the primary demand for representativeness, interference with the material flow needs to be minimized in order to prevent clogging effects and/or possible pressure surges. We here disclose all design principles of the ‘EF-sampler’ and validate a 1/3-scale prototype in a pneumatic test facility by presenting our first test campaign results. Testing focuses on assessing sampling.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000139

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